Holla hello Hai READERS ! Okey , today topik ebby (( BOYFRIEND )) Korang pun tahu ebby dah taken By someone right now. Today , i will introduce my Boyfriend dengan korang okey? Let's Start !

I know my Bf thru wechat and then we friends for 2 MONTHS . After friends , then he purposed me as His GF that time . Then i say YES , bcs dia ada masa ebby Sedih dulu  . * old story*  I'm officially His gf on DEC 2016 . Just call my bf ( Max or Boy ) .

Something Happen between me and My bf . Then , im asking for Break off with him .Yes , ebby single masa tu . Tbh, i have a lot guy friends . But tu lah kan , takde feeling gitu . So , ebby stay single macam tu .

Tak lama tu , My bf try to contact me again and asking for return with him . And i said yes again , sbb dia mengaku itu salah dia dulu and will try to fix the relationship yang dulu . okey ,kitaorg couple macam biasa . But one things , i cnt trust this guy 100% after what he done to me dulu .  Then , my bf buat hal lagi . He want to break with me . Tanpa sebab kukuh , and ebby dah fedup dengan dia . So , i just say yes . And dont ever contact me . After ktaorg break , he moves to Kuching and keja sana . Sepatutnya masa tu , ebby dah nak jumpa dia  . But stupid things happen , so i cnt meet him till today .

Kalau Jodoh  ,tak kemana kan? Idky , i still want choose this guy as my bf . Eventho dia penah lukakn hati ebby and make me cry. But i trust , myb Jodoh yg temukan ktaorg lagi . And maybe because i still SAYANG this guy . Then me officially jadi GF dia lagi . And he promise want to make me smile and make me Happy . Jangan lupa janji tu okey sayang? Yes , awal bulan september tu . I should meet him ,but ebby masa tu ada hal .So , i cnt meet MJ . I will waiting for you and Hope we can meet soon Sayang ! Oh ,yaaa . Gais ,pls pray for this relationship okey? :) If dia memang untuk ebby , i will accept this guy as one of my fav guy ever .LOL . :) I love him . Thanks GOD ! OKEY , I NEED TO GO NOW . I WILL UPDATE SOON , if free okey?


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Holla readers ! i'm back . So , maybe next time .. ebby akan jarang post my story to you gais . SO SAD ! BUT I WILL MISS YOU GAIS . why so sad tho ? kiddin . I will move to the new office soon .No internet  , so no new post . But i will try to post my story here . And i gonna miss this office . Let's start a new step in a new place . RIGHT? Tbh , i don't have any idea to write . I hope u guys have a great and thanks bcs read my story . And i love you gais . HAVE A GREAT DAY AND SAYONARAAAAAAAAAA readers .

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Everything is Changing

Hello Readers , I'm back with new story ! Tbh , ebby malas giler nak update story harini . But , i need to share juga . YESSSSSSSSS , ME AND MY EX BEST FRIENDS TAK CAKAP OR BERTEGUR LAGI . SEBAB? Sini ebby malas nak salahkan siapa2. Maybe ebby bukan kawan yang baik . One day , i will meet a new friends again . Thanks GABRIEL . sebab pernah jadi kawan yang baik dengan ebby . EVEN BERAPA KALI DAH KITA GADUH KAN? NOW , i need to stay away from you . Maybe itu yang terbaik buat masa ini . Thanks , and eventho saya agak Sakit hati bila kamu tweet macam itu semalam . Memang saya bukan orang baik , But i knw the limit tho . Takperlu nak ungkit bagai . Hmm , myb tu takdir kita takkan akan jadi kawan baik . So , now one will saying that you are my bf anymore , no more gossip . LEGAA JUGA LAH RASA  , EVEN AFTER THIS KITA TAKKAN BERTEGUR LAGI .

Oh ya , i hope SEPTEMBER CEPAT BERLALU . I hate this month , its make me sad . I think , i need to stop now . I will update soon . Thanks gais . SAYONARRRRRAAA ! 

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Holla readers ! Today topic ebby BEST FRIENDS . Yes , semua ada BFF kan? Now me and my BFF gaduh . So , one day ni lansung tak tegur . TBH, I MISS YOU THO . YOU YANG OWES ANNOYING DENGAN ME , CRY TOGETHER AND LISTENING MY ANNOYING STORY . I MISS YOU NGEK ! Hmmm . 

Yes , why i'm using dovi and Jovi picture? Sbb meka dua ni adikberadik , idk twin or what lah .Myb adik beradik jee kot . Jovi & dovi remind me dgn twinnies yg ebby kenal tu . And i missing them also . Especially G! Korang pun tahu sape kan?Till today , ebby lost contact dgn dia . Dgn dia dulu , ebby byk belajar SABAR . hahaha bcs he too nice tho . Eventho dia pnh buat ebby nangis . so forget it lah . I knw G maybe happy now . And my BFF tu , i hope kita kekal kawan . Bcs im missing yr annoying . Okeyyy readers , i need to go now . I will update soon! Sayanoraaaaaa people ! 

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Holla BLOG ! I'M BACK . So , let's start with my story . 
Back to TOPIC , COLOUR . COLOUR VERY MEANING FOR ME , YOU , AND OTHERS . COLOUR ? For me colour means , you need to make a new move and starting a new chapter . You need colour in yr life . You need colour to make yr memories and yr smile too . 
I do love my life now . Thanks for make me smile again , and i happy about it . Thanks for the concern and yr love . Before i end the blog today , i will say thanks for read my simple blog . And i will update again , soon  maybe ! sayanoraaaaaaaaa people

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Hello SEPTEMBER ! YEAYYYYYYY IT'S SEPTEMBER ! Okey , let's me share some of my story . Last fews day , memang cuti panjanggggg lah . Me? Mostly spend time with my cousin and familys . Thanks for the great memory ever ! Dear SEPTEMBER, be nice to me and i hope we can be best friends .


New month , New story , New chapter ! yes , ebby dah ada someone . Thanks Sayang ! Siapa orang tu? I will share soon okey gais ? Just pray for me and hope this relay kekal lama . I know you gais know about the past right? So , i will move on and start a new life ! Thanks God , bcs show me the right away . And i trust , God will never let me sad because of the past . Yeayyy , i will keeps smiling and smiling . APE LAGIII YEA? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA . Btw , only Gabby knw siapa " orang special" tu . He knows bcs , now he was my BESTTTTTTT FRIENDS AND ANNOYING FRIENDS EVER !! lol . But i love youuuuuuuuuuu ! HAHAHAHA


Okey , next time ebby akan post and share the story again ya? Thanks for read the blog ! Till we meet again ! SAYONARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! 

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Hello readers ! I'm back with new story ! Sorry sebab lama tak update , sebab ebby super busy this month . So , let's start with my story . 

Okey , for yr information .. me and G NOT LONGER CONTACT . BULLSHIT THING HAPPEN . Yeay , unexpected things make me and G like this . And don't blame the things tho ebby . Benda dah jadi right? So , ebby akan move on and start a new DAY . Thanks for the sweet memory that you create for us . I will never forget that . Btw, thanks for unfriend me on media sosial . I will go from your life starting today . It's hurt bcs we are happy before this . Nothing can changed right , if you doing this to me . I will try to forget you and eventho i feel mad or hate you , one thing, our short memory will always in my heart . :) Keep smiling ebby . Thanks Gabby sebab dah advise ebby about all this . Yes , tmr was last day for AUGUST  . SO LET'S MAKE A WISH  ! 


Hope your dream come true ! Thanks for read my blog and i will update my new story again , when i'm free and when i have a new story with you gais . SAYONARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA READERS .LOVE YOU !  

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Hello readers ! Lama dah tak jumpa ! Sorry , ebby ada hal sikit . Sorry sebab lama tak update ! So , let's start with the new story ! Okey , im really fine right now . Even , a lot things happen last week . so just forget about it gais . You deserved to be happy and keep smiling :)  Entry for today .... SMILE ! Yeah i'm smiling now . Thanks sebab chill kan ebby and ada dengan ebby :)

What happen last week? Lemme tell you , me and my crush punya story . Mesti bored korang dengar kan? So  , i will end it gais . Sebab no point oredy me wrote bout him . So ,stop asking bout him okey? Yes , eventho i still love the relationship and i miss the time me and him talking bout blabla .Me and him , will not talked anymore . Sometimes ada jee nak jauh dari dia , but u will meet him juga . So , maybe one day kot . One of us , will go jauh2 dari sini . Depends la tu kan?


When , i meet him? last week and this tuesday ... Yeah , i miss him actually . But me pretends like , i hate him and dont want to meet him . Paloi eh ebby . YOU STILL LOVE HIM KAN?? if yes pun , no one will care about this bah . CHILL EBBY ! Kalau dia jodoh , takkan kemana punya . :) I STILL REMEMBER GABBY SAY " ME TAK PERCAYA JODOH" . But me percaya about this . Sebab Jodoh itu Tuhan yang tentukan tuk kita . So , trust it gais and all the best for you love .

I need to go now . See you laters . Sayonaraaaaa readers . 

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I'm fine

Hello readers ! I'm back again . Today entry is I'M FINE . But are you really fine ebby? Go ask yrself first before you said , you are fine .:)  I dont knw what happen to me today . Maybe bcs of the what happen last night . Me kali yang cepat EMO . lol , benda kecil jak pun tu . Yes , even benda kecil it's hurt tho . Salah if you try to attract the attention from someone yang kau sayang? Sometimes ebby want to give up , but then ... ebby fikir better fikir masak-masak tentang benda macam ini. DIA TU ORANG YANG KAU SAYANG SEKARANG . BENDA INI TAK MAIN . EVEN DIA BELUM READY LAGI . KAU KENA KUAT . BUT SAMPAI BILA? KAU PUN ADA PERASAAN EBBY . . Thanks Gabby , sebab suruh ebby sabar dengan semua ini . I don't know , macam mana nak get thru all this . TBH , after break with MJ . ebby lama dah x sedih macam ni . :') Takpa lah ebby , kau kan kuat :)

I MISS YOU . i will not saying that anymore . Kalau benda tu pelik tuk kamu or awful or blabla . I will stop that . Saya akan diam2 rindukan kmu , without say that again . Sokey , if kau yang happy . Tu lah yang penting. Sebab keja ebby is  , to make sure people that you love (( HAPPYYYY) . Pelik ? no , benda ini tak pelik pun skrang . Nasib x buat apa2 tuk dia . Like my cousin , dia sngup buat apa tuk laki tu . Last2 laki tu curang dgn dia .  I dont know gais , JUST PRAY FOR ME AND FOR THIS RELATIONSHIP . IM DONE !  i will back again .

goodbye .

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Love you .

Hello readers ! Lama tak Berjumpaaa ! Ebby hope korang sehat ! Today entry ebby . Love you . Yes , i love you ! HAHAHAHAHAHAH okey , last sunday .. I meet my Crush or BABE . Tbh , i tot Gee tak datang that mass . Hm okey , thanks for surprise me . Sebab dia pun cakap , maybe saya tak datang. Hmmmmm Thanks Again . After mass , me jumpa Gee and Ngek sekali . Bcs i want to pass the book for them .Thanks for the awkward faces . Don't worry gais , nanti ebby bagitahu if me and Gee jadi couple or not okey? Sekarang , ebby happy dengan dia . Eventho , kita ni belum ada ape-ape .Thnks sbb ada dengan ebby . Lol , banyak ceta pulak kali . I think , i need to stop here . Next time ebby update lagi okey? See you later .Sayonaraaaa readers . 

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Hello Saturday !

Hello readers ! I'm free today , so let's start a new story for Today ! Yeayyy , it's weekend and time to spend time with your family or someone . For me , i love saturday so much . Why? Because tmr is SUNDAY . Relaxing time for me and others people who work like me .

What i'm doin with my weekend?
- Spend time with my family
- i will stick with my fone ( WHATSAPP OR TWITTER )
- Wrote my own song ,when i'm free .
- Make a cover for my IG or maybe youtube . ( Request any song )
- Cook
- Reading a book ( If i'm free )
- Spend time with someone . LOL ( friends )

Maybe i will not post any blog for tmr . Because i will super busy with my family . I will post new blog on Monday again . I will share any interested story with you gais .Sayonaraaaaa readers ! Have a great day .

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First love

Hello , i'm back . OKEY , hari ini .. ebby akan share tentang first love ebby :)  WOOTS ! Semua ada first love , first kiss , first meet , or blabla . HAHAHAHA Dalam entry kali ini , ebby akan ceta serba sedikit tentang first love ebby yang dulu . Kalau cinta monyet tu , memang ada masa sekolah dulu . First love ebby tak lah seindah ceta korang kot .... LET START !

2010 OCTOBER - first meet dengan First love ini
Dia plan jumpa selepas ebby habis class . Masa itu , ebby still belajar lagi . Taking diploma in Hotel management . Memang nervous giler , sebab b4 ni ... kitaorg just contact thru SMS , AND CALL . wait , masa itu belum ada whatsapp or wechat or blabla . Facebook and twitter ada lah . Dulu dia  di kuching . Long relay juga ini dulu . 3 or 2 months kitaorg jauh .Then finally , we meet ! woots . Happy lah juga . Then after class tu , ebby spend time dengan dia dekat cafe yang berdekatan collage ebby tu . Kitaorg lepak till kul 5 Petang . Then , what happen? Cuba teka? hm , chill lah . Dia tak buat apa2 lah . Just a sweet kiss dekat forehead ebby jee . Sweet right? Mesti korang fikir lain tadi. Dalam tahun 2010 tu , dia belum ada keja . Dia spend time dengan ebby and teman ebby study if revision dengan kawan . Even my friends , know this guy . 

Now he got part time job dekat Hotel . Bila habis shift , dia pasti datang jumpa ebby . Even masa itu , ebby bit susah mok jumpa . He still can understand my situation . Masa itu juga , ebby still study and belum ready mok kenalkn dia dengan family. My family rules masa itu , u need study first then baru boleh ada boyfriend . But benda ini kita tak jangka akan berlaku . In love with someone . :) Kitaorg couple macam biasa, texting and calling . Before balik , memang tak miss kiss forehead ebby dia bagi . Dia tunggu sama bila abang datang amik ebby balik class . Ofc my abang tak tahu tentang ini juga . Funny right? Sometimes kitaorg tukar baju for a week . Exchanged gitu . Lol .Dia memang sweet , baik , and respect me . Till lah dia buat hal dengan ebby . Tipu lah if couple korang tak pernah gaduh . Dalam masa yang sama itu , adalah kitaorg gaduh , but then ktaorg baik lagi . :)

2012 0CTOBER  
This year was a sad day for me . Kitaorg akhirnya BREAK . Sebab dia minta break dengan ebby . Dulu masa gaduh , dia salu bangkitkan hal tentang BREAK ini . Then , sebab tak tahan lagi ...FINALLY I SAY YES KITA BREAK .Masa tu tengah calling , ebby off my fone till morning . Buka fone , i got a lot text and missed call from Him . Maybe masa itu , ktaorg tak fikir dengan baik . Ebby yang tak tahan dengan sikap dia . Then fews day past , dia cuba PM one guy yang cuba rapat dengan ebby ini . I still remember the words i say to him " Buang masa jak kau sibuk pasal aku lagi " . Then after that he ask to meet me for the last time . So , ebby jumpa lah dia . Rupanya dia bagi teddybear yang dia janji mok bagi dulu . After he gave the teddybear ,ktaorg lost contact :') .

2017 AUGUST 
After few years past , dia balik lagi contact dengan ebby . Did you believe that? He try to contact again thru FACEBOOK( MESSENGER) . Asking for my number sbb mok whatsapp . I'm okey if mok kawan . Then till today ,ebby still berbaik and jadi kawan dia . Siapa cakap Ex tak boleh berkawan? Plus dia dah ada gf okey? 

Moral of story , yes dia akan stay as my FIRST LOVE . Eventho dia bukan lelaki yang pertama buat ebby JATUH CINTA . And ebby akan sentiasa ingat dia , walaupun ktaorg sekarang dah tiada apa2 . Ebby dengan dia okey dah sekarang. Tiada dendam and we will stay as a friends. Thanks for everything and Hope awak selalu bahagia dengan pilihan awak eh ! :) Sayonaraaaaaa Readers . Ebby post ini bukan sebab still ada rasa suka tau , just nak share macam mana first love ebby . Hope you enjoy read this blog ! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Thank you

Hello Readers! I'm back again ! Okey , Thank you . Our story for today ! Let's start ! 

Okey , why ebby said THANK YOU? Today entry , ebby nak said thanks dgn someone ni . Eventho dia tak tahu , apa yang dia telah buat sampai ebby cakap Thankyou tadi . Yeay , i know .. yang ktaorg ini baru jee kenal . Yes , maybe belum kenal giler lah . But i know this person memang baik . Tanpa disedari , when ebby sad .. dia ada tuk ebby . And he try to make me smile when me gaduh wif gee . HAHAHAHAHHAHA annoying mmg annoying this person . Glad to know you ngek . Yeah , ebby akan bersabar dengan apa yang akan ebby lalui selepas ini . YOU WILL BE MY BEST FRIENDS . Ebby jarang ada BFF . Bcs ebby susah nak percaya orang yang betul ikhlas kawan dgn kita . Maybe the past yang buat ebby macam ini . So , move on jee lah . WE NEED TO TRUST PEOPLE , EVEN SOMETIMES IT HARD THO . YOU CAN DO IT .

Once again , ebby want to say thank you . Hope kita will always stay as A BEST FRIEND .. Jangan ngegeh sana aok? i need to go now . Okey sayonaraaaa readers . 

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Hello AUGUST ! WE MEET AGAIN ! New Month , new Chapter BEGIN ! I just need a new days , a new Boyfriend! lol Kiddin . I just need my family , my Gee and People i love is always stay and always love me .Hope August be nice to me And Love me okey august ! 

Love story? August? Me and Gee still Friends . Belum declare apa-apa lagi. Sabar okey? If ada apa-apa , nanti ebby share lagi okey? Yes even kitaorg macam ni , ebby still happy sebab dia still ada masa chat ,always there when ebby really need someone to make me forget the sadness happen . Thanks again gee , i hope you will always there and sabar dengan perangai ebby yang bit NGEK ini . I'm manja , i know that. Always Merajuk ,, and always makes you Marah sometimes kot . And , semalam ebby tanya , apa yang buat kamu suka ebby? Then you just answers. " something u feel , but cant see " .

Sometimes i feel , yang gee tak sayang ebby . Sorry if overthinking macam ini . :( But FYI, i really sayang this cute relay . Even you just anggap this CRUSH punya relay .I really hope one day , KITA BOLEH JADI LEBIH DARI ITU .OKEY? DONE TALK ABOUT LOVE .
About family? I love my family . Walaupun terjadi banyak krisis yang melanda bulan yang lepas . I hope this month , everything will be fine .May God bless MY FAMILY . 
I think . i will stop here .Thanks for reading my blog ! I will back soon. Sayonaraaaaaa Readers 

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Sunday evening , ebby ada date with ZIZANG dekat Queen  mall Miri . LOL , Kiddin . Zizan datang sempena MyonlineShopes Day .
Finally i meet zizan for the first time . Lama dah mahu jumpa zizang ni . Thanks for coming zizan , hope can day boleh jumpa lagi ! . #CHENTAKU . Lagu tu paling win sebab ,zizan bawa awek dia makan Laksa Sarawak . Lol . 

Till we meet again readers, Weekend ebby this week memang superawesome . Sebab tu , ebby share ceta dalam ini . Kalau ape2 lgi ,ebby akan update dengan korang sini . Thanks for read the blog . SAYNORAAAAAA READERS .

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Ame pade dancer . * (( Freda )) *

UNCLE ASA LIAN from England . Hello Uncle ! 

Makan makan time ! 

Meet Ethan . 

Josef (( Ethan big brother )) 

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UNPLANNED MENJADI ! TGIF night with  cousin yang baru balik dari Terengganu ! Actually plan ktaorg chilling at Ming or ALICE , tapi bit lambat sbb ktaorg lipat kelupis for the next day punya event ! Last2 Ktaorg Lepak MCD jee . Around 10.30 , TILL 11 lebih dkt sana . Selfiee and Selfieee lagi .

HAHAHAHHA Bukan salu dapat chilling macam ni . Seorang ada jee plan , mmg susah mok berkumpul seperti ini . Yone jee yang tak join ni . Takpa , next time ada lagi . Even macam ni pun , ktaorg kena ada GREEN LIGHT DARI PARENTS . Ebby ingat parents Lol and Freda is okey than me . Even my cousin yang dah kawin tu pun sama . Okey ,Parents kita terlalu SAYANG kita katanya si cousin yang dah berkawin ni . Parents ktaorg ni bit strict than parents yang lain . Memang susah kalau mahu chilling macam ni . But sometimes , parents ni okey jee . Terpulang dengan mood maybe . Takpa , meka sayang tu ... Sebab tu , kita kena jadi anak yang baik . By the way , im really happy when ktaorg gather macam ni .Hope one day , kta dapat gather macam ni lagi. Okey , i will update new story again ! 

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Asal Kau bahagia

Hello readers ! I'm here again . Today, i will talk about HAPPINESS . Everyone deserved to be happy right? But sometimes you can't smile all the time . Once you happy , you might hurt because of someone . Yeay , it's hurt right? When someone you love , make you sad? If this happen , you shud be strong to get THROUGH ALL this . Remember , yesterday was a bad day for me . Ebby love to smile like nothing happen to myself , actually i love to hide my sadness . But depends to the situation . Like last night was a bad day for me . Even Gee try to avoid from me .I tot , he will teman me till me sleep .But nothing happen , bcs ktaorg gaduh lagi till now . Funny right? No one will admit , sapa salah or sapa betul . Idk , hope everything will be fine after this . Tmr gonna be my busy day , i might not writing this blog for weekend .

Back to topic , asal kau bahagia by armada . I love this song , bcs berkaitan dgn life ebby dulu . My ex dumped me , sbb dia ada perempuan lain . Sad story right? Tapi sekarang ebby dah okey and accept all this . You need to be strong .. Kalau difikirkan , apa salah ebby ... sampai org tu sanggup curang? Lantak lah . Yang penting , im happy right now . Shuuuu ex ! :P

Sometimes ebby love to make people smile or happy .Sebab itu penting , if they happy happy too .Eventho u cant be happy , but u must to hide all the sadness . Sokey ebby , you need to strong and think positive about this . I think , i will stop here . Have a great day .SAYONARAAA PEOPLE .  

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BAD DAY HUH? Today was a bad day for me . That's was a lot thing happen today . First , im late goin to work . Second , Atm buat hal . Then , Hampir jatuh sbb simpan barang dekat tmpt tinggi tadi . LASTLY , MY BOTTLE AIR TUMPAH . GILERRR , ISI BALIK TU . HAISH .I HATE IT . But Gee terus gelak bcs today was bad days for me . Then this  NGET say , May God bless you . Thanks and sempat juga buat lawak tadi . :) Thanks dgn Gabby too . :)


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Holla People ! Kita jumpa lagi ! Yeayyyyyyyy ! Today , we gonna talk about Crush ! WOOTS ! 
Everyone ada CRUSH right? Ebby pun adeee * Tak Tanyaa pun * . HAHAHHAHAA Alright , back to topic . Crush? Yeaaa , crush ebby Superawesome and niceeeeeee lol . Sape CRUSH ebby?Menjadi tanda tanyaaaa kan?  Crush ebby ialah GEE . LOL . Kenal kan? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Why ebby like GEE? Mahu tahu juga ha?
Sini ebby share ... Maiiiiii ! 
Alright, korang ingat ebby penah cakap pasal GEE before ni? I know this guy from GUMMY MAN or GABBY ! I got twin's friend again lol . :)  Thanks ngek ! Oh , yaaa . why i like #GG? 
Cara dia show dengan ebby , i'm in love with the way he show me . He care Af about me , eventho kitaorg baru kenal kot. Then he always say , mmg saya suka care dengan org yang saya sayang . OPS! HAHAHAHAH .bcs of that , me terjatuh hati . But that time blm lagi lah ada rasa cinta bagai . HAHAHA feeling suka jee ada masa . Then , dia bagi pulak kita lagu James arthur tu . Damn . Dari lagu tu , ebby dapat rasa macam tu personality dia . He like you , but dia takut nak show or tak berani nak show yang dia suka org tu . Im soryy if salah .HAHAHA But that"s was a lot thing why i like him . First text dulu memang awkward Habis doh . But then ,Kitaorg okey and bit rapat dalam masa yang pendek . 

Tbh , ni first time ebby luahkn rasa suka dengan CRUSH . Funny and BERANI jugaa kan?  Even berani pun , u need to standby tuk di FRIENDZONE kan oleh sidia . Me cuba luahkan , akhirnya berhasil juga usaha tu . Yeah , me and crush now Bit rapat Dari dlu . Yes i like him so much . * MALU *   I know , kitaorg still blm Couple or what . Tapi tak salah juga kan , kitaorg Kenal dulu and then take time to this relationship . Bak kata orang , Kalau jodoh takkan Kemana . Yes , if dia betul jodoh ebby and If God said THATS YR DESTINY AND DIA MMG PARTNER EBBY . WHY NOT RIGHT? Cehh speaking . HAHAHAHAHHA Yes , ebby feel lucky to have a guy like him . Eventho umur ktaorg bit jauh ,tp tak lah jauh giler . Okey lah tu. Dah nama jodoh , umur pun takpe lah . 

okey ! I need to stop writing . Ayat pun macam apaa sajaaa sudah ni . Sorry readers ! SEE YOU ! SAYONARAAAA READERS . 

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Rose ! Yeay , everyone love Rose . But Gee tak suka Rose katanya .--' Takpe lah . HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Ebby just want to share bout this , because teringatkan Si Crush  bagi ROSE dlu .Damn , how dare you give that? HAHAA . But thanks bcs gimmie that . And how you know that i like rose flowers? Maybe dah biasa kot dia bagi bunga dngan girls . So , apa nak di hairankan . Si crush ni kawan masa ebby Practical  dulu . Kira senior lah gitu . HAHAHAHA 
Then he give me this flowers . Habis keja , smua orang kacau ebby . But that time me and Si crush ni hany berkawan rapat . Bcs ebby anggap dia sebagai abang jee , tak lebih dari tu .Si crush ni menaruh harapan pulak .

Last day practical , ebby cakap hal yang maybe buat dia sedih . I need to stop all this , bcs ebby takde perasaan pape pun dengan dia . I knw ,ktaorg mybe takkan kawan lagi . But me salah , till today si crush still berkawan dan still contact dengan ebby . Ebby rasa dia ikhlas berkawan dengan ebby . Takde perasaan Suka , and maybe just nak berkawan je . Ebby suka dengan apa dia lakukan sekarang . Tbh , ebby ni malas ah nak berdendam dengan orang apalagi kalau marah . Hahahah . Btw thanks Crush sebab still nak kawan dengan ebby . 

crush? Bukan ebby crush dengan dia , tapi dia yang ada HATI dengan ebby . HAHAHAHAHHA Thanks again crush . So , sape nak bagi Bunga rose Lagi? hahahah Pergi beli dekat kedai bunga sana . Melambak doh ! hahahah  . I think , i need to stop writing . I need to go . Thanks for reading my blog .  I will update soon . Sayonaraaaaaa readers .

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Smile SAYANG :)

Selamat Petang Readers ! Yes , ebby cuba update ceta baru dengan korang sini ! Back to topic smile sayang ! Ya , semalam gaduh besar dgn Si Gee ni . But this morning , ktaorg dah berbaik . Masa marah semalam tu , mmg HOT SEMACAM . Ebby terus tutup data and off fone for fews minute . Marah dengan Gee and Si ngek tu .Ngek tu his BIG BRUH . Kenapa Gaduh? Adalah tu , small things actually . Benda boleh settle kalau ktaorg bincangkn . WELL EGO BIASALAH MACAM TU . TAPI TAKPE EVERYTHING DAH OKEY. SMILE OKEY SAYANG?

Tapi pada masa yang sama , ebby serba salah sebab libatkn orang lain dalam hal ini semalam . SHIT . I'm bad sometimes . SORRY . Moral of story , tak boleh nak blame orang lain kalau bukan salah dia . And try to settle this things nicely . WE NEED TO TALK AND SETTLE IT . NO EGO IN THIS SITUATION . BAH , just forget the past ! Let's start a new days with BIG SMILE ! Btw , Smile always ya sayang! Okey tu jee lah tuk Harinie . Btw , Gee ! I miss you already . I knw you will read this blog soon ! And ngek , I will help you to make a new blog here ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH .  Thanks for read my BLOG today ! SEE YA :) 

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Shyness love

Hello People ! Lama tak Jumpa ! So, How are you gais? Okey , let's back to the topic . Shyness love . Yeayyy , i meet someone ! I know this Guy from my friends , and this guy was my friends lil brother . Nahh , tak jauh kan ? Hahahaha . The big bruh introduce me to this guy lah . Yeah , i knw tak salah if you want be friends with anyone .Tbh , i love this guy when first time chatting at whatsapp . Pernah jumpa fews time at church , but tak pernah TEGUR . Kalau ebby , memang lah PEMALU HABIS HABISAN . CEHHH KIDDIN TAPI BETUL LAH.

Almost a month oredy , i know this guy . To me , this guy quite cute ,  nice , knw how to care about my feelings and CARINGGGGG GILER DOH . HAHAHAH . Can you leave a guy like that?No right? But kita tak tahu one day right? I hope he was the great guy that i meet . Oh ya , shyness love . Hahaha Ebby memang lah shyness bout love ni . But sometimes you can act like stupid when you meet the person you love . HAHAHAH betul kan? And at the same time , memang nervous giler bila face to face . But you need to tahan all the nervous or blabla when you meet him or her .

Last week , idky suddenly ada plan mok bagi gift pulak dengan this Guy . HAHAHAH .Tiba2 idea gila ni muncul . Then last sunday , i meet this guy  and i give the small gift to him . Ouch . Gift dia? simple jeeeee kot . A cute teddybear and some cute quotes for him . Ada gik aku ni rajin tulis dengan tulisan yang agak teruk rupanyaa . HAHAHHA but glad to know he like the "TULISAN CAKAR AYAM'' ebby . Maaf bah , sbb tulisan mcm tu . And i wrote the cute qoutes that he can read from Monday to Sunday . And he likes that too . Thank GEE . Idky i call him with this name GEE . hahahaha . One day i will you tell you gais , why i call this guy like that . Tbh , im happy to know him and his ngek brother . Thanks God , because introduce me with this awesome Guy ever .

Kalau ada apa2 lagi , if me dengan dia jadi ehem tu . I will try to inform you gais here . Okey? Gee i knw you might read this . HAHAHAHA . i need to go now . Kbye ! thanks for read the blog .


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Hey ! it's february. let's talked bout what happen last month . Actually its my birthday 29january ! yes , happy bornday ebby :) now im officially 26 years old . Not married yet , just taken by someone . just called him M.J :) alright , that's all about what happen on last month . 

Alright ,let's talk about valentine .yeayyyyy its valentine . its cool right? bcs u can get yr flowers , chocolate, or anything that yr boyf , yr gf , or yr love one . By the way , i dont really life the gift . bcs i prefer my love one is besides me & accompan me "Makan" .hahahaha Yeay , i know its sound weird or annoying ,but that's me gais . :) ALRIGHT , LET STOP TALKED BOUT VALENTINE . i will update again .Kbyeeeeeee

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Hai , i'm back ! it's been a long time , i didnt share my memory & experience here . so , let's start ! 

yeahhhh , 2016 its over now ! because now is 2017 . i need to start a new chapter starting this year . hm , one of the things i do this year is , i want to be more healthy . i do some exercise or goin gym? hahaha one of the aim lah , want to "kurus' lah . HAHAHAHAHAH good luck to myself ! i know this funneh , but why not u plan something for yrself right?  

hm about my love story? 
yeah , i found someone . he kinda sweet guys , nice & knw how to control my annoying attitude . he such a great guys that i meet . I starting know him , on November . Wechat make me & that guys close. so i starting b his friends & then we couple after 2 months be friends  . i hope this will the one of the right decision that i make for now .Who's that Guy? next time i will post the picture okey? i'm in love with the love , and how he fucking care about me . 

Then my carrier? I still working at the same place . YEAHHHH I happy working here . :)


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