Hello 2018

Hello 2018! Im back with new story and a new life. I would love to share the memory and love story here! So just wait for the new story from me. But i think , i will share some of the story here .


Goin to KL with my mom ans aunty.  3Days and 2 nights. As soon as we sampai,my cousin bring to chill up at one place. Take a half hour from her place. Second day, i meet one of my internet friend . Yeah.  abg man yg acah muda. HAHAHAHAHA sorry!😎 Last day at Kl,  i meet one of my old friend.  Finally we meet after few times im goin to kl. Thanks sebab sudi jumpa!

March - Lost someone that i know.  RIP JUDE.  WE KNOW YOU IN THE BETTER PLACE RIGHT NOW.  :) I MMAKE THE SHORT COVER FOR HIM.   Cinta terakhir by ir radzi.🌹

Alright gais,  I will back soon with a new story ! Thanks and see you again!❤

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Holla hello Hai READERS ! Okey , today topik ebby (( BOYFRIEND )) Korang pun tahu ebby dah taken By someone right now. Today , i will introduce my Boyfriend dengan korang okey? Let's Start !

I know my Bf thru wechat and then we friends for 2 MONTHS . After friends , then he purposed me as His GF that time . Then i say YES , bcs dia ada masa ebby Sedih dulu  . * old story*  I'm officially His gf on DEC 2016 . Just call my bf ( Max or Boy ) .

Something Happen between me and My bf . Then , im asking for Break off with him .Yes , ebby single masa tu . Tbh, i have a lot guy friends . But tu lah kan , takde feeling gitu . So , ebby stay single macam tu .

Tak lama tu , My bf try to contact me again and asking for return with him . And i said yes again , sbb dia mengaku itu salah dia dulu and will try to fix the relationship yang dulu . okey ,kitaorg couple macam biasa . But one things , i cnt trust this guy 100% after what he done to me dulu .  Then , my bf buat hal lagi . He want to break with me . Tanpa sebab kukuh , and ebby dah fedup dengan dia . So , i just say yes . And dont ever contact me . After ktaorg break , he moves to Kuching and keja sana . Sepatutnya masa tu , ebby dah nak jumpa dia  . But stupid things happen , so i cnt meet him till today .

Kalau Jodoh  ,tak kemana kan? Idky , i still want choose this guy as my bf . Eventho dia penah lukakn hati ebby and make me cry. But i trust , myb Jodoh yg temukan ktaorg lagi . And maybe because i still SAYANG this guy . Then me officially jadi GF dia lagi . And he promise want to make me smile and make me Happy . Jangan lupa janji tu okey sayang? Yes , awal bulan september tu . I should meet him ,but ebby masa tu ada hal .So , i cnt meet MJ . I will waiting for you and Hope we can meet soon Sayang ! Oh ,yaaa . Gais ,pls pray for this relationship okey? :) If dia memang untuk ebby , i will accept this guy as one of my fav guy ever .LOL . :) I love him . Thanks GOD ! OKEY , I NEED TO GO NOW . I WILL UPDATE SOON , if free okey?


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Holla readers ! i'm back . So , maybe next time .. ebby akan jarang post my story to you gais . SO SAD ! BUT I WILL MISS YOU GAIS . why so sad tho ? kiddin . I will move to the new office soon .No internet  , so no new post . But i will try to post my story here . And i gonna miss this office . Let's start a new step in a new place . RIGHT? Tbh , i don't have any idea to write . I hope u guys have a great and thanks bcs read my story . And i love you gais . HAVE A GREAT DAY AND SAYONARAAAAAAAAAA readers .

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Everything is Changing

Hello Readers , I'm back with new story ! Tbh , ebby malas giler nak update story harini . But , i need to share juga . YESSSSSSSSS , ME AND MY EX BEST FRIENDS TAK CAKAP OR BERTEGUR LAGI . SEBAB? Sini ebby malas nak salahkan siapa2. Maybe ebby bukan kawan yang baik . One day , i will meet a new friends again . Thanks GABRIEL . sebab pernah jadi kawan yang baik dengan ebby . EVEN BERAPA KALI DAH KITA GADUH KAN? NOW , i need to stay away from you . Maybe itu yang terbaik buat masa ini . Thanks , and eventho saya agak Sakit hati bila kamu tweet macam itu semalam . Memang saya bukan orang baik , But i knw the limit tho . Takperlu nak ungkit bagai . Hmm , myb tu takdir kita takkan akan jadi kawan baik . So , now ..no one will saying that you are my bf anymore , no more gossip . LEGAA JUGA LAH RASA  , EVEN AFTER THIS KITA TAKKAN BERTEGUR LAGI .

Oh ya , i hope SEPTEMBER CEPAT BERLALU . I hate this month , its make me sad . I think , i need to stop now . I will update soon . Thanks gais . SAYONARRRRRAAA ! 

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Holla readers ! Today topic ebby BEST FRIENDS . Yes , semua ada BFF kan? Now me and my BFF gaduh . So , one day ni lansung tak tegur . TBH, I MISS YOU THO . YOU YANG OWES ANNOYING DENGAN ME , CRY TOGETHER AND LISTENING MY ANNOYING STORY . I MISS YOU NGEK ! Hmmm . 

Yes , why i'm using dovi and Jovi picture? Sbb meka dua ni adikberadik , idk twin or what lah .Myb adik beradik jee kot . Jovi & dovi remind me dgn twinnies yg ebby kenal tu . And i missing them also . Especially G! Korang pun tahu sape kan?Till today , ebby lost contact dgn dia . Dgn dia dulu , ebby byk belajar SABAR . hahaha bcs he too nice tho . Eventho dia pnh buat ebby nangis . so forget it lah . I knw G maybe happy now . And my BFF tu , i hope kita kekal kawan . Bcs im missing yr annoying . Okeyyy readers , i need to go now . I will update soon! Sayanoraaaaaa people ! 

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Holla BLOG ! I'M BACK . So , let's start with my story . 
Back to TOPIC , COLOUR . COLOUR VERY MEANING FOR ME , YOU , AND OTHERS . COLOUR ? For me colour means , you need to make a new move and starting a new chapter . You need colour in yr life . You need colour to make yr memories and yr smile too . 
I do love my life now . Thanks for make me smile again , and i happy about it . Thanks for the concern and yr love . Before i end the blog today , i will say thanks for read my simple blog . And i will update again , soon  maybe ! sayanoraaaaaaaaa people

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Hello SEPTEMBER ! YEAYYYYYYY IT'S SEPTEMBER ! Okey , let's me share some of my story . Last fews day , memang cuti panjanggggg lah . Me? Mostly spend time with my cousin and familys . Thanks for the great memory ever ! Dear SEPTEMBER, be nice to me and i hope we can be best friends .


New month , New story , New chapter ! yes , ebby dah ada someone . Thanks Sayang ! Siapa orang tu? I will share soon okey gais ? Just pray for me and hope this relay kekal lama . I know you gais know about the past right? So , i will move on and start a new life ! Thanks God , bcs show me the right away . And i trust , God will never let me sad because of the past . Yeayyy , i will keeps smiling and smiling . APE LAGIII YEA? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA . Btw , only Gabby knw siapa " orang special" tu . He knows bcs , now he was my BESTTTTTTT FRIENDS AND ANNOYING FRIENDS EVER !! lol . But i love youuuuuuuuuuu ! HAHAHAHA


Okey , next time ebby akan post and share the story again ya? Thanks for read the blog ! Till we meet again ! SAYONARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! 

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