HELLO ,ITS ME ! Heyyy readers ! How are you ? Yeah , im counting for my special day tho . My birthday is round the corner . WOOTS! PRESENT ? Hmmmm , yeahhh i hope there will present for me . Boyf promise to gimmie a small gift once he get the job. Sweet bah kau . 
Why i choose the picture as my picture for blog today? BECAUSE EVERYONE DESERVE TO BE HAPPY . U GET THAT?HAHAHAHA
Yeah  , i rather to choose make people happy & smile . MEANWHILE ME , I HOPE CAN GET SMILE & HAPPY TOO . LOL .By the way , the january month is almost end . Say hello to FEBRUARY . HAHAHAHHAHA WHY I KEEP LAUGHING LIKE HELL?!? Because the post is about HAPPY . LETS LAUGHING TOGETHER .ALRIGHT , i need to go now . I WILL TRY TO POST IF I HAD A GREAT STORY TO SHARE . 


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New YEAR 2016 !

Hai semua , lama dah ebby tak update dalam ni . Missing you gais ;') Many things changes . Love , carrier & some of the things happen . Yeah , let me share some of the great story for you all . Now im 25 this year & many things happen . What happen? i will share it soon .HAHAHHAHA Alright lets talk about love .Yeah ebby ade boyf baru . he is from Kuching . far far away from me & one day i will meet him .Pray for me gais. Hm about carrier? im working at bookshop right now .Just supply religion & book to the church etc. Im happy with this work because the bos is nice lol . Now this year will be my 3rd year working . :D alright , i will stop here . till me meet again. kbye !

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