Shyness love

Hello People ! Lama tak Jumpa ! So, How are you gais? Okey , let's back to the topic . Shyness love . Yeayyy , i meet someone ! I know this Guy from my friends , and this guy was my friends lil brother . Nahh , tak jauh kan ? Hahahaha . The big bruh introduce me to this guy lah . Yeah , i knw tak salah if you want be friends with anyone .Tbh , i love this guy when first time chatting at whatsapp . Pernah jumpa fews time at church , but tak pernah TEGUR . Kalau ebby , memang lah PEMALU HABIS HABISAN . CEHHH KIDDIN TAPI BETUL LAH.

Almost a month oredy , i know this guy . To me , this guy quite cute ,  nice , knw how to care about my feelings and CARINGGGGG GILER DOH . HAHAHAH . Can you leave a guy like that?No right? But kita tak tahu one day right? I hope he was the great guy that i meet . Oh ya , shyness love . Hahaha Ebby memang lah shyness bout love ni . But sometimes you can act like stupid when you meet the person you love . HAHAHAH betul kan? And at the same time , memang nervous giler bila face to face . But you need to tahan all the nervous or blabla when you meet him or her .

Last week , idky suddenly ada plan mok bagi gift pulak dengan this Guy . HAHAHAH .Tiba2 idea gila ni muncul . Then last sunday , i meet this guy  and i give the small gift to him . Ouch . Gift dia? simple jeeeee kot . A cute teddybear and some cute quotes for him . Ada gik aku ni rajin tulis dengan tulisan yang agak teruk rupanyaa . HAHAHHA but glad to know he like the "TULISAN CAKAR AYAM'' ebby . Maaf bah , sbb tulisan mcm tu . And i wrote the cute qoutes that he can read from Monday to Sunday . And he likes that too . Thank GEE . Idky i call him with this name GEE . hahahaha . One day i will you tell you gais , why i call this guy like that . Tbh , im happy to know him and his ngek brother . Thanks God , because introduce me with this awesome Guy ever .

Kalau ada apa2 lagi , if me dengan dia jadi ehem tu . I will try to inform you gais here . Okey? Gee i knw you might read this . HAHAHAHA . i need to go now . Kbye ! thanks for read the blog .


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