Asal Kau bahagia

Hello readers ! I'm here again . Today, i will talk about HAPPINESS . Everyone deserved to be happy right? But sometimes you can't smile all the time . Once you happy , you might hurt because of someone . Yeay , it's hurt right? When someone you love , make you sad? If this happen , you shud be strong to get THROUGH ALL this . Remember , yesterday was a bad day for me . Ebby love to smile like nothing happen to myself , actually i love to hide my sadness . But depends to the situation . Like last night was a bad day for me . Even Gee try to avoid from me .I tot , he will teman me till me sleep .But nothing happen , bcs ktaorg gaduh lagi till now . Funny right? No one will admit , sapa salah or sapa betul . Idk , hope everything will be fine after this . Tmr gonna be my busy day , i might not writing this blog for weekend .

Back to topic , asal kau bahagia by armada . I love this song , bcs berkaitan dgn life ebby dulu . My ex dumped me , sbb dia ada perempuan lain . Sad story right? Tapi sekarang ebby dah okey and accept all this . You need to be strong .. Kalau difikirkan , apa salah ebby ... sampai org tu sanggup curang? Lantak lah . Yang penting , im happy right now . Shuuuu ex ! :P

Sometimes ebby love to make people smile or happy .Sebab itu penting , if they happy happy too .Eventho u cant be happy , but u must to hide all the sadness . Sokey ebby , you need to strong and think positive about this . I think , i will stop here . Have a great day .SAYONARAAA PEOPLE .  

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