Hey ! it's february. let's talked bout what happen last month . Actually its my birthday 29january ! yes , happy bornday ebby :) now im officially 26 years old . Not married yet , just taken by someone . just called him M.J :) alright , that's all about what happen on last month . 

Alright ,let's talk about valentine .yeayyyyy its valentine . its cool right? bcs u can get yr flowers , chocolate, or anything that yr boyf , yr gf , or yr love one . By the way , i dont really life the gift . bcs i prefer my love one is besides me & accompan me "Makan" .hahahaha Yeay , i know its sound weird or annoying ,but that's me gais . :) ALRIGHT , LET STOP TALKED BOUT VALENTINE . i will update again .Kbyeeeeeee

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