I'm fine

Hello readers ! I'm back again . Today entry is I'M FINE . But are you really fine ebby? Go ask yrself first before you said , you are fine .:)  I dont knw what happen to me today . Maybe bcs of the what happen last night . Me kali yang cepat EMO . lol , benda kecil jak pun tu . Yes , even benda kecil it's hurt tho . Salah if you try to attract the attention from someone yang kau sayang? Sometimes ebby want to give up , but then ... ebby fikir better fikir masak-masak tentang benda macam ini. DIA TU ORANG YANG KAU SAYANG SEKARANG . BENDA INI TAK MAIN . EVEN DIA BELUM READY LAGI . KAU KENA KUAT . BUT SAMPAI BILA? KAU PUN ADA PERASAAN EBBY . . Thanks Gabby , sebab suruh ebby sabar dengan semua ini . I don't know , macam mana nak get thru all this . TBH , after break with MJ . ebby lama dah x sedih macam ni . :') Takpa lah ebby , kau kan kuat :)

I MISS YOU . i will not saying that anymore . Kalau benda tu pelik tuk kamu or awful or blabla . I will stop that . Saya akan diam2 rindukan kmu , without say that again . Sokey , if kau yang happy . Tu lah yang penting. Sebab keja ebby is  , to make sure people that you love (( HAPPYYYY) . Pelik ? no , benda ini tak pelik pun skrang . Nasib x buat apa2 tuk dia . Like my cousin , dia sngup buat apa tuk laki tu . Last2 laki tu curang dgn dia .  I dont know gais , JUST PRAY FOR ME AND FOR THIS RELATIONSHIP . IM DONE !  i will back again .

goodbye .

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