Hello ! Should i coll You Loserr or not??
Maybe not .;) I should col youu .
Hurmmm . Nothing .
coz you waste my time . And you like
to judge me . Whyy??
Did i do something wrong to youu?
really2 wrong to you?
Sometimes i want to hate you . Sometimes
i wan be your friends. BUT i think
mybe we cannot be friends. I dun like
if peeps jugde me without know
who is me . You think i will forgive and
forget what happen? NEVER !
I know this is stupid . I know my english
is bad . Sumtime , i cincai .When do
something .And you jugde me
coz the stupid thingss ?? #suck !
You tell me bitch? Hby ? You think
you are perfect girl? DAMN! Next time ,
dun need to be Kippo k?
This is my last warning Girl . A.K.A KEYPPO
Dun judge me and do want you
want . Dun need to waste my time
coz the stupid things that you owes say .
Feel bored . k? If you feel so mad with my
blog , why not . unfollow my blog . ;) I
need someone that respect my blog and
open minded peeps. Not like you !
k . that all . ;) love YOU WATEVER .;0 MUAHHH

(。◕‿◕。) Enjoy read my blog.Follow me k?(。◕‿◕。)

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