#274 BORING .

Hello peeps ! Todayy , i feel so bored . why?
1/ Still holiday and waiting for the final exam result.
2/ boyfiee busyy with his work.
3/ Cannot go out, coz i dun have money liao . #POKAI .
4/ i need my boyfiee with me now .
5/ i Need my friends to chill with me now . Miss you Via ! :)

When i bored , i will online Facebook . But still bored for me .
Then i will open my twitter . Same situation happen . Bored .
I dun know , what should i mention there . Just
retweet the tweet and reply the tweet and
approve the new followers .
then i will sign out and
Go to Blogger .Blog is my very2 best friends.
He/she know all bout my problems and
anything bout me . Coz i will share in this blog rite? And i
will view the blog at my dashboard .:) And comment at
the blogg and myb chat in the cbox with my blogg friends.:)

30 MINUTES Before update the blog . My boyfiee text
Boyfiee: hny , bie busy nie . xpat msg . nnt msg kalo x busy k?
me: Yalar syg . nnt lar msg .:( :(
Bf: love you so much cyg . Muaahx!
me : love you too syg .. muaahx!

I miss my boyfiee and i need you to text with me now , coz i feel so boring rite now .
Before online , i playing my guitar . And i record the song
coz i wan to do the cover . After that i will post at fb
or youtube .Just wait! yaa? haha . I think , i must stop rite now .
I will update the new story for the next time .:)
thanks ! byee .<3

(。◕‿◕。) Enjoy read my blog.Follow me k?(。◕‿◕。)

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