#275 I feel guilty .:(

Why i say feel guilty ? something happen to me .
so guilty about that thing . I know that
was my fault . Not my sister .:(
I cannot tell , what happen.
But i feel so guilty rite now.
I tell this problem
to my boyfiee .And he told me to calm down
bout this.
And i pray to God , hope this will
settle .And nothing happen .
I pray to God and hope the miracle
will happen Amen . I know God listening
what i pray for . rite ? I trust you lord.
You will not leave me
when i really need you .
You owes help me , when i really need you .
You makes my life happy and
you will protect me from the evil . :)
You love me . Amen! ;) thanks
for all the things thats you give to me .And i hope what
i wan will comes true.;)
And i dun wan feel guilty anymore bout this things.:(
I hope i can be strong .:) Chaiyooo!
i can do this and i can through all this .:)

And i should learn how to admit MISTAKE .And should
Humble to anyone . And Must say soryy , when
you do a mistake .:) Try to be
good to anyone . :)
kbye !

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Teenager Housemaid said...

yup...betul..even untuk admit and susah nak say sorry, but its the best way...sebelum it ruined by someone else..:)

Amoii Ebby said...

yaa .:) thanks for the opinion.