Should i crying like this ?

should i do my face like the picture that i post? should or not? i think maybe i should . why ? ^_____^ i hate to admit . when someone say this to me . *Da gerek but cam xda gerek *?!$^%*#$@ i sad when someone say like to me .omg .! why must say like that? its hurt me keyh? understand? i know my english not very good peeps . Sory ! i try my best to write .now i feel so disspointed when someone say like that to me . i understand the situatiion . but does that person understand my situation? not rite? if the person understand , he would not say like that to me . now i really2 sad because of the person . did he care bout my feelings? did he really love me like i love that person? ommyy . please help me . i just wan to let that person know , that i really care bout "that person", that i talk bout . and i forgive all that person fault . but try to understand me , and dont ever say something that you dont know bout me .i really2 sad after i read ur post at facebook just now . if i bad person , i will try to make bad things to you too . but i love you , i would not do like that . i dont know what should i write now . I need God to help me through this all things. thats all bout me . and i know , that person that i talked bout will read this post . i hope you know what i feel . and lastly i just want say: iloveyou .

p/s: thanks baby .ily.
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