Me and Him again .:)

Hey syg . I know you will read this .:) Haha .By the way . i miss you ! :( i WAN BE YOU WIFE .:) Buleh kan? hehe . Now our relationship almost 2years , start today laa. hehe . SYG , thank you for it is a lot of patience with me.:) You always love me and care bout me . You complain and saying this to me ."Why always sleep without telling me first?" did you remember that? you suka marah2 , but i know . why you like that . 1, you care bout me .:) 2. coz u love me . rite syg? Sometime you easy to get jealous when guy try to approach me .:) hehe . thanks syg .<3 i hope you always love me and care bout me . And im soryy , if i do something wrong . Like i make you mad , sad and hurt . im realy sory bout that syg .:) I will love you for ever .:) Muah! hehe . Bai.
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