( EXAM ECONOMY. Lets draw the graph )

HELLO READER! im back ! haha . okeyy . semalam ada exam ECONOMY AND MASAK! haha . you wan know something? i failed in my exam . :( very2 sad lol .im failed in my preparation food . :( why? coz i hate cooking . noo laa, i like cooking . but just for want i want eat . not for what i hate to eat .soo , the chef say to me .# wenny , tryy to be good next time .:) okeyy chef . but in my heart , i very2 disapponted .yesterday we cook sup .mix vege and corn sup ! i failed my corn sup .~ goshh ! i dun like the sup .:(okeyy ! get it? next week still exam for this subject.#cooking! wish me good luck ! :( Morning class is economy . i things myb i pass . why? coz its open test book . haha .:) MR.M is the best lol~ he help us in account . i get B Minus for acc for last sem . thanks! hehe . I hope i can get good grade for this sem .:) This sem , i would not meet SPONGEBOB! Haha .:) this sem, my class is MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/And friday only. I can meet my friends too .:) hehe .all the classes i attend, i will meet VIA/PAT/ROS/And Zahrol . :) The best class is MR.M Class. Why? hehe. coz he owes like to play game at his lappy and he will teach us when he finish with his stupid game ! haha . :) as a student at his class. we just do what we want to do .:) But in his class, we would not have a assignment. why? i duno ! maybe LAZY! haha !.haha.

soryy , if i use BROKEN ENGLISH ! I TRY MY BEST .~ :)
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