MY story 4 todayy .

Yesterday.sumthing happen to me and my boyfriend . nothing. Just got sum1 text me . n I tell my boy about this . got a guy texting me . n he asking the num from me . n he keep texting meanwhile colling wif me . hehe. but that guy just wan b my frienf . but I did now who is him . I dun wn b his friend lol .hehe. after that .that guy say sunthing rule wif my boy . he score my boyy . suck!! N then I text that guy. N he eply like this : boh mcm2.. duak2 knk lak? << What this mean? Ugut ka? Hah?

BUT at last .that guy say sorry to me and my boy . haha . we win baa. Hehee. That all .hehehe .

After that we continue colling . n he telling sumthing to me . about my brother . (bob) hurrmm. Y he change so much? B4 this .he is a gud guy . but now . hurrmm .i dun noe what wan to say . he cheating w his gf . why he do like that? I text him yesterday.just wn asking sumthing . but he didn’t eply my text . that means .he forget bout me oredyy .. haiyaaa.. wathelll!! . may god bless you laa.. hope u will change n b gud father to ur princess..take care abgg .. hurmm. That blogger . daa
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