Harlu .. hehe. hrmm . i miss my blog so much.
many things happen in this week .
hhee. 1st thing, yesterday . i go partime 8 marriot..
hehee. funny rite? coz this is my 1st xperince work..
hrm .. tired and my leg very painfull lol..:(
but nvrm. cz i got my new frend there.. hehee.
its sweet memory that i will nvr 4get. hehe.
hrmm. yesterday . my cuzzie getting married . he
will do the wedding function on 26 feb. hee.
hrehehe. until now . i leg still painfull .. hehe.
2mrrow got class.. heehe. my assigment is done.
now. i still find way how my lovely cuzzie cn hangout
with her boy .. i hope i cn find the way . how she cn hangout
with the boy . hehe.. the boy/man is my "koko" now...hehe...
next week is my bdy lol...ehhe. getting old.20 is coming wenny..
get ready to be adult. hehee. dun be childish anymore.
u r getting older not a child.. hehee. .
hrrmm. i wn sleep now. that all.. nyte blogger...

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